No. 30845

Title: Sete D'Amore
Director: Alfonso Corona Blake
Actors: Silvana Pampanini, Pedro Armendarez
Date: 17 December 1959


Movie reviewed. Projection of the movie to the public is approved on the proviso that the following scenes will be deleted:

1) Pedro uncovers Maria’s breast and he sensually caresses her with his hand (reel 4);

2) Maria, displaying her chest, offers herself to Pedro while saying: “look at me… look at me” (reel 8);

3) Maria, lying on the ground, moving her legs, her hands and her face, appears to be visibly excited, probably provoked by Pedro who is off frame (end of reel 8).

Afore mentioned scenes are considered offensive to morality and public decency.

Approval Signed by: Minister Domenico Magrì 
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