Labour of Love. 2015

Group show | Curated by Kim Meijer


250 Varet

Brooklyn, NY, USA

As part of Radha May’s ongoing investigation of female sexuality and its censorship in mainstream cinema, Radha May invited the public to join her in a WikiStorm. The WikiStorm made available, through uploading to Wikipedia, the official deliberations and justifications for the removal of scenes from 41 films that were publicly viewed in Italy during early post World War II. By making these official transcripts available to the Wikipedia public, Radha May is attempting to make visible that which was once hidden.

WikiStorms have gained momentum and popularity amongst scholars and artists after recognizing the need to add new knowledge to fill in the gaps of underrepresented topics.

The WikiStorm is part of Radha May’s ongoing project When The Towel Drops Vol 1 | Italy.

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